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All That Glitters est une association qui organise des concerts de Hardcore/Metal (au sens large) dans les villes de Rennes et Montpellier.

Depuis 2003 l'association a donc ainsi pu faire jouer:

The red chord, Comity, Superstatic Revolution, Overmars, Impure Wilhelmina, Tang, Yage, Mihai Edrish, Keelhaul ,Tantrum, Burn Hollywood burn, Daughters, Eden Maine, 8Control, Metronome Charisma, Aside From A Day, Year Of No Light, Playing Enemy, Overmars, Carmina, Lack, Amanda Woodward, Le Baron Noir, The Black dahlia Murder, Liar, Kevorkia, Knut, Time To Burn, Sylvester Stalyne, Gryzzly Twister, Nesseria, An Albatross, Sna-Fu, Atheist Prayer Kubota, Unlogistic, Doctor Living Stone, Dentelles Nerveuses, Alaska Pipeline, Heliport AmenRa, Fago Sepia, Sugartown Cabaret, The Elektrocution, Betty Ford Clinic, 64 Dollar Question, Chère Catastrophe, Ultraphallus, Huata, Fordamage, Picore, Robot Orchestra, Monno, Aguirre, The Arm Of The Dirty Rabbit, Kayo Dot, HKY, Warsaw Was Raw, Quartier Rouge, Totorro, Payday, Goudron, ESB, Craig Feldspar, Pigeon, Stuntman, Kimmo, Fatabo Chansons Parasite, Kilo, Appollonia, Last Exit To Brooklyn, Stubborn, Knuckledust.

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